Web Solutions
Producing Focused Web Solutions that Bear Real Fruit.
More than just a site: a solution. Developing a solution starts with listening well and asking excellent questions. This creates the focus.
    Sharp focus is what builds an attractive, professional site soundly engineered for specific, tangible results.
  It's the focus that produces the fruit. The fruit is the points that engage the site visitor to specific action and bring you to the point of reaping better control of the interaction.
Visitor actions include (but are not limited to):
  ••• purchases
  ••• form submission, including referrals
  ••• communications
  ••• surveys, polls, quizzes
••••• that simple coveted phone call that connects voice to voice
Additionally, the site can be packed with features aimed at ripening green fruit. As you're well aware, some prospects take considerable nurturing before they are ready to pick.
  ••• establishing a presence that exudes credibility, dependability, longevity, and authority
  ••• building trust, reliance and loyalty as visitors find information and resources that meet a real need
  ••• weaving togethercommunity through personal online interactions and discussion
  ••• fostering key communication
  ••• dispersing key information through immediate online access
  ••• soliciting and manipulating key data
Still more fruit is measured in terms of savings:
  ••• saving time/money by answering questions online instead of consuming personnel time
  ••• saving time/money by pre-qualifying visitors, discouraging misfits automatically
  ••• saves clients' time by allowing them to engage on their own time in preparation for more meaningful person-to-person involvement (answering qualifying questions, filling out forms, fulfilling requisites)
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